my etsy store is all about dogs

I have finally listed most of my doggie items for ETSY and you can come and check it out. CLICK ON THE IMAGE ABOVE and it will take you directly to my shop: Artsyana the shop name does not have the Florida¬† like my Instagram account so is just Artsyana. If you like the posts in my Instagram and want a particular type of product: PILLOW, CUP, TOTE BAG click on the different images below and it will take you directly to that section in ETSY just click on the doggie breed you want and order. I still have to load more doggie breeds. I listed the ones that I have sold a lot thru the years and I do have 100 plus breeds available and will be loading those soon BUT IF YOU DON’T SEE THE DOGGIE BREED YOU WANT TO ORDER; email me directly and let me know the breed you want and I will list it within 48 hours of your email and send you the link so you can check it out and order what you want.

working on a lot of new items that i have designed with my artwork.

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My Redbubble store is getting updated with lots of new designs. I am also getting Spoonflower  ready it should be in September and you will be able to order your very own fabric with my designs and also some very neat items for your home. Working also with downloads and icons you will be able to download to your phone to use in your SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS so so so excited about this got some cute images and also working on some journals /coloring books you will be able to order thru AMAZON. 2022 has been a game changer for me and I hope you want to follow me in Instagram and sign up for my newsletter that I will email only a few times in the year to my Instagram followers with freebies and discount coupons. The year has gone fast and the holidays are almost here; you can do your holiday shopping soon on my website since I am working on gift products for all (kids, adults, doggie lovers, for home, for friends, love one, co-worker) .Not just dog images but flowers, foodies, animals and just plain gorgeous and colorful patterns on all things. Hope to see you in my inbox.

COMING BY NEXT WEEK EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS SOLD BY ME WITH MY PATTERNS keep an eye on Instagram for the announcement.